Fall 2015

I have been traveling the US & abroad for much of the summer and always mean to sit down to my website for a blog post, telling of all the edge-of-your-seat tales from my adventures. However, I never seem to get much further than my journal and that thing called a pencil, which is even beginning to feel sometimes foreign with the invention of my iphone.
So here I am, home now, and honestly as many states and countries that I have reached this year, I believe I have equally reached the equivalent on my “inner journey’- and I am not going to begin a leap into Eat Pray Love, but I just wish to state for the record that life on this strange planet, is confusing, and beautiful- and I am thrilled to be able to experience the elation of creative heights through art & music, and also happy for the contrast of the lows, which have allowed for deeper understanding of the fact that the more I think I know (yes, the cliche seems true), the less I know. It is a lovely, yet treacherous path which I am doubtful I will ever fully understand without complete transcendence of the body.
So with that, I am forging into yet another body of work- paintings, sculpture…and music.
Thank you for exploring my website- my latest 3 paintings under “new works”, are based on the many incredible structures of worship that I visited in Europe -once again- mind blown at the complexity of these buildings and how they were built without the use of modern technology. There is so much I could speak on regarding these structures, but I will leave these to the viewer, as I work from feeling and hope that you feel something as well if see the work.The Disappearance of Walls