Dissent of the Form - Reclining

Artist, Inger Nova Jorgensen was born in Michigan, left the Midwest at seventeen years old and moved to in Sonoma County, California. Two years later she began an exploration of The Pacific Northwest and eventually landed in Northern California where she received a degree in Fine Art & Teaching with Honors at Humboldt State University. She resides now in Oregon with her Fiance, renowned Guitarist, Jeff Pevar.

In 2006 Inger founded Bohemia Gallery Fine Art and Framing in Ashland, where she exhibited contemporary art from national and local artists (including her own) for 6 years while also running a state-of-the-art framing studio out of the gallery. While running a popular gallery was a successful and significant endeavor, passion for her own art was essential, and Inger sold the gallery so that she could focus on painting, sculpting, and music.

In 2009 and 2010, honored with fellowships to attend an international painters week in Domburg, Netherlands, Inger was inspired by and worked alongside extraordinary painters from 10 different countries. These events engaged her to experience art with a different perspective, and a new path for her work emerged. Colors and textures changed, and a fresh voice began to surface. She has returned several times to Europe since, and is always deeply influenced upon return. Her most recent trip prompted and entirely new body of work, which led to her most recent series of paintings.

Inger’s musical endeavors (including “LOVEBITE”, Zepdrix, & “Bohemian Soul” with Jeff Pevar) have also provided her with a source of inspiration – it has been said that her original songs and her voice having unmistakable similarities to her art. Creating art since she was a young child, Inger has primarily focused on the figure, but has recently broadened into abstract work and also works three dimensionally in clay and bronze. Inger continues to paint while creating large-scale figurative sculptures in her home studio and at Enclave Studios & Gallery in the former Ashland Daily Tidings building where the artist collective holds quarterly exhibitions.