Soundwave Series

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The sound of the human voice, a bow moving over a violin string, the beat of a drum: we are affected by sound.
Sound is energy that moves in waves through us, triggering each of our senses. Sound, in many of it’s forms, can make us laugh and cry, it can evoke anger, fear, love, hate – a myriad of emotions. It can change our state of being; mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even sometimes physically. The phenomena of sound is the basis of the abstract forms in many of my recent paintings. I have spent many years as a musician as well as an artist, and the two dimensional representation of the sound wave is something that danced it’s way into my paintings. The wave form has served as another way to explore the connection of music and visual art in my life. Bringing these images together with the figure and with forms of nature has been a poignant exploration into my understanding of how we communicate through sound, how we are affected by it, and how it mirrors so many aspects of the motion of our lives. These paintings, like the voice, are another instrument where I seek to express the constant refinement of the divine nature.