Translucencies Series

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The imagery in these paintings represents the idea of translucency in relationship to self and others.  Humans often strive for the “perfect offering’, whether it be in creativity, sharing with others, work, or any other discipline; many of us find ourselves trying to reach an “ideal”, many times falling short of what we imagine this will look like.

Expectation can sometimes drive motivation and a way to reach higher, but also it can be the nemesis of humanity, keeping us from deeply experiencing the present moment. The  more transparent, or “translucent” we can be, the more we can do a way with a false idea of what we wish we had, and more present with what is already here. The idea of translucency can bring us into a new way of allowing the masks to fall away so that we may see the truth of what and who we are.

The paintings depict the transparent state, where we allow our true selves to stand and wholeness to emerge. If we can connect in this way with ourselves and others, we may be able to gain a deeper understanding where peace can grow, having the potential extend into communities, and the to world.

In this body of work, the backgrounds and the foregrounds merge in many places, representing the concept of translucency. In some of the paintings multiple images merge in layers of paint and glaze depicting different parts of the self and ways to see through to others. This work is a personal attempt at conveying a way to peace that many are seeking as individuals and as a planet.